Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation First Annual Dutch Oven Cook-Off

MSTPF Dutch Oven Cook-Off Saturday, October 13th, 2019 

Contest Rules


This competition is about FUN and encouraging the skill of Dutch oven cooking.

Judging will be conducted and prizes awarded to three (3) cooking categories. Each entry made will be for a specific category of the competition. The three categories of competition are: Entrée, Bread, or  Dessert Teams can enter all three categories or only one.


The Dutch Oven Cook-Off, cooking, judging, and awards ceremony will take place at:

The Government Peak Recreation Area Chalet

10690 North Mountain Trails Drive, Palmer, Alaska.


Pre-registration is free and due by August, 1th 2019 or sooner. A registration form, copy of your recipe, and the ingredient list is required for a complete registration. The ingredient list or a recipe is required for food allergy reasons we need lists for the judges and if your recipe is amazing, people will want it to try out for themselves. 

Email registration material to Kim Sollien at



The judging will take place between 5:30 and 5:45. Serving your creation to the 6 peak challenge partygoers begins at 6 pm with the awards ceremony taking place at 7:30.

The cook-off teams can set up at noon and cooking can begin as early as you need to. Any questions can be directed to Kim Sollien

at 907-982-9080 provided there is cell coverage.

Each of the judges will be given a sample size taste of your entry so be prepared to serve them and still have enough food for the 6 peak challenge partygoers.

2:00 pm Cook Teams set up

5:00 pm Cooks meeting Check in with Organizers

5:30 pm Dishes Due- serve judges

6:00 pm Bring Dishes to Serving Area and Serve party

7:30 pm Awards Ceremony


  • A team may consist however many people you need. All teams must have one adult  team member
  • Contestants may not be professional cooks, chefs, or culinary instructors
  • Each team or individual may only have one entry per category – Entrée, Bread, and Dessert
  • Only team members (no family or friends) are allowed in the cooking area during prep and cooking periods. One team member must remain in the cooking area at all times.
  • A 10’ x 10’ cooking area will be provided. However, shade and rain cover is non-existent. Teams should provide their own festival tent if desired. ALso, it will be October so dress for the weather.
  • Bring your own lawn chair(s)
  • Bring your own prep table (s)
  • All team members must know and practice SAFE FOOD HANDLING PROCEDURES
  • Competitors will provide all the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare their dishes.
  • All ingredients must be combined, chopped, sliced, diced and cooked on site. For safety reasons, no ingredients prepared or processed at home are allowed. All meat must be USDA inspected.
  • All cooking must be done in an approved (factory made) Dutch Oven.
  • Cooks will provide all of their own cooking utensils, leather gloves or pot holders, lid lifters (or pliers), coolers, prep tables, charcoal and coal starting chimney if you have one, cutting boards, meat thermometers, waste containers, and other items needed to prepare and serve food and must meet Alaska Division of Environmental Health Food Safety Health Code standard.
  • No cooking on the ground- bricks and metal platform or an elevated cook station must be used
  • There can be no eating in the cooking area.  Drinks are allowed.
  • Battery operated or electrical devices such as mixers or blenders are not allowed in the preparation of food. Digital thermometers and digital scales are allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of each team member to know and understand temporary food handler regulations recognized by local and state health agencies. Use of vinyl gloves is recommended for safe food handling. No finger licking. Contestant tasting utensils must be washed immediately after use (suggestion: use plastic spoons and discard each time after taste testing).
  • A certified Food Handler will be monitoring each team throughout the contest to ensure adherence to proper food handling and cooking procedures.
  • If you need hot water for a recipe, please plan on heating the water yourself.
  • Use good fire safety practices. Keep yourself and the public safe. Use of propane or other types of gas-fired stove is prohibited. 
  • Interaction with the public is greatly encouraged. We want to teach and excite the public about this time-honored tradition and skill. We want the public and you, as a contestant to enjoy this competition. Please be courteous in sharing cooking information, your passion and your knowledge.
  • Smoking, use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises.
  • All foods submitted for public tasting/judging should be displayed in the oven or lid.
  • All dishes must be presented to the Judge’s table on time.
  • This is not a garnishing contest; so, skip the garnish.
  • Ash must be cleaned up after the contest and disposed of in an appropriate receptacle that will be provided.

Judges will be served first and then you will serve the party attendees. It is recommended that each dish is prepared in a 5 qt dutch oven or larger. Please be prepared to serve samples to the by dishing your entry to guests on the plates provided. 



(Adapted from the 2010 International Dutch Oven Society’s World Championship Cook-Off)

  • Teams should start with clean equipment and use clean cooking practices.
  • Good hand washing practices are required, including a separate basin for hand washing. There should be no finger licking.
  • Dishwashing facilities, including washing, rinsing, and sanitizing basins, are required of all teams.
  • Tasting utensils must be washed immediately after use. All washing of dishes must be done in your own area.
  • Food service gloves must be worn when handling food that will not be cooked further. 
  • Hot foods must be kept above 135 degrees F.
  • Some type of hair restraint (hat, hair net, ponytail holder, etc) should be worn during the cook-off.
  • Wash cutting boards with bleach water between meats and vegetables to avoid cross-contamination, or if possible, use different cutting boards for meat and vegetables and clearly label them.
  • Coolers are required for all refrigerated items and cold food must be kept below 41 degrees F.
  • All reheated food must be taken back up to 165 degrees F for safety purposes if the temperature goes
  • below 135 degrees F. A Field judge must take a temperature before reheating to determine how high to reheat the meat.
  • Field judges will be checking cooler temperatures before and during the competition. They will also check the meat temperatures prior to judging.
  • If bringing store-bought pre-marinated or pre-injected meat to use in competition, please note this in your recipe. (i.e. Butterball Chicken.)



All team members must know and practice SAFE FOOD HANDLING PROCEDURES


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