About Our Foundation

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Our Mission

To be the trails and parks resource for a healthy community in Mat-su

Foundation Priorities

Creating Opportunities

As a resource for funding, ideas, and networks, MSTPF seeks to create synergistic opportunities for trail and park projects, maintenance, and systems-work.

Building connections

Funding for interconnectivity—trails that connect to other trails and trails that connect to parks—is prioritized. Connections to users and partners are integral to our work.

Facilitating Partnerships

Our work depends on relationships with stakeholders and partners, including users, donors, nonprofits, grantees, and other organizations; state, local, tribal governments; funders; land managers and owners; and businesses. Leveraging of other funds, resources, and volunteers is integral to our work.

Promoting Equity and Accessibility

We seek to make outdoor activities via trails and parks equitable and accessible for all groups and all types of users, motorized and non-motorized, all ages, and varying levels of abilities or disabilities.

Embodying Stewardship

Via funding, advocacy, and education, we will embody stewardship. We fund open spaces/public spaces. As a foundation, we are responsible for a community resource that we will steward responsibly, transparently and for our mission. We will educate users, promote best practices in trail and park construction, and will fund maintenance to enhance the user’s experience and protect public resources for future generations.

Trail Maintenance
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Grants and Event Sponsorships

The Mat-Su Trails & Parks Foundation partners with organizations and local governments on projects and efforts that expand and enhance the valley’s network of trails and parks. Find out how we can help fund your next trail, park, or recreation project!