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The 300,000 acre Hatcher Pass Management Area primarily consists of mountainous terrain in the Talkeetna Mountain Range that climb from the 1000 ft. valley floor to summits higher than 6,000 ft. The area includes more than 30 prominent summits and associated glaciers. It also offers mountain skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winter.

AK State Parks Parking Fee – A Parking fee of $5 per vehicle, or a $60 annual pass is required at the Hatcher Pass Management East Area. Parking passes can be purchased at trailhead or through this link: http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/asp/fees.htm

The Mat-Su Ski Club grooms ski trails at Independence Mine at the very start of winter until snow levels descend to Archangel Road, GPRA, and the Moose Range. In the spring, they resume grooming at independence Mine (typically for a few weeks in May), grooming from the parking lot at the A-frames up to and winding around the historical mine buildings.

Archangel Road is an old mining road near Hatcher Pass that is about 1000′ lower in elevation than the Independence Valley. It reaches about 8 km back into the Archangel Valley. The Mat-Su Ski Club grooms at least the first 4 km, and sometimes the entire 8 km, depending on snow conditions and snowmobile openings.In Winter, the Archangel trail is used for skiing and biking and is a favorite spot for winter trail enthusiasts. The Archangel Trail / Road is closed to motorized use during the winter. Snow machines must stay on the east side of the valley up to Reed Creek Valley.

These ski trails are groomed by the Mat-Su Ski Club. For grooming reports visit their website.

Independence Mine and Archangel Road Ski Trails Map

There are also nearly endless opportunities for winter backcountry recreation in Hatcher Pass. View winter recreation conditions here.

Hatcher Pass

Winter backcountry travel can be dangerous. Make sure you have the gear and knowledge to recreate safely.

Check out Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center’s (HPAC) latest avalanche forecast and observations for the Hatcher Pass area. HPAC provides avalanche information and advisories for the Hatcher Pass area in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. HPAC offers the JSMSF scholarship to Mat-Su Residents to help pay for the cost of avalanche education. Learn more here.
If you’re interested in becoming a safer backcountry user, check out the Alaska Avalanche School for a variety of avalanche education opportunities. Avalanche education is at a high demand and courses fill up early.

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