Request for Proposal: Virtual Strategic Planning Session Facilitator

Request for Proposal: Virtual Strategic Planning Session Facilitator 


Wes Hoskins, Executive Director


Phone: 907-341-9878 


Issue RFP: August 31, 2020

Receive Proposals: September 16, 2020

  • Please submit electronically in 1 PDF by email to Wes Hoskins

Award contract: September 21, 2020 

First meeting with Strategic Planning Committee: TBD 

Dates of Strategic Planning Sessions: October, two four-hour sessions during a two week period, exact dates TBD

Timeline proposed: October 2020/virtual session of approximately 8 hours spread over two days in a two week period. Final timeline and logistics to be confirmed with facilitator. Expect up to two meetings prior to sessions and one meeting after sessions with Strategic Planning Committee. 


The Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation is seeking proposals for a facilitator to lead a virtual Board Strategic Planning Session with board members and staff in October 2020. See for information about our work and mission. The goal of the strategic planning session is to gain consensus and validation of the mission, vision, and core values guiding the operation and activities of the foundation into the future. The board engaged in strategic planning process in 2016 and 2018. The current staff were hired after the 2018 planning process and there are new board members. 

Objectives of the facilitation 

  1. Work with Strategic Planning Committee to develop an agenda for strategic planning to achieve objectives and deliverables (2 meetings prior to retreat, 1 meeting after). 
  2. Advise Strategic Planning committee on materials, exercises, best practices, and use of virtual platform to inform discussion and gain consensus. 
  3. Facilitate the virtual sessions (estimated two four-hour sessions via Zoom) 
  4. Guide participation, cooperation and engagement from board members and staff. 
  5. Prepare Strategic Plan based on outcomes of sessions (deliverable presented within 2 weeks after end of sessions). 
  6. Develop and carry out a brief evaluation of the strategic planning sessions for future planning purposes. 


  1. Develop a best practice high-level Strategic Plan validated by board and staff to guide future work of organization. 
  2. Present results of evaluation of strategic planning 

Main objectives of Strategic Planning Session

  1. Capture opinions of board members and staff related to achieving our mission. 
  2. Explore and document Board discussions on future, creative, and innovative ideas for achieving MSTPF mission. 
  3. Establish a consensus around shared vision, mission, purpose, and core values.
  4. Determine options for fund development, grantmaking, and health equity as topics. 
  5. Address COVID effects on social interaction and future planning related to achieving MSTPF mission. 

Important Issues/Questions for Strategic Planning 

Some of the issues to be addressed via the strategic planning process include, among others: 

  1. Review of the current Strategic Plan with Executive Director commentary on status. 
  2. Determine board’s current interpretation of our vision and mission? 
  3. What are board members’ view of how trails and parks are being used by the community/public? 
  4. What is the “end benefit” of our work? 
  5. What do our core values mean? 
  6. Do we all have a shared understanding of a word like accessibility? 
  7. Develop an objective related to stakeholder engagement that will be implemented by staff and board. 
  8. The “Why” — why are we doing the work? 
  9. How is work shifting from the original build or create infrastructure work? 
  10. What else do we need to consider? 
  11. What is our theory of change? 
  12. How are we defining and influencing the trails and parks culture in the Mat-Su? 
  13. What is meaningful community use of parks and trails? 

Overall expectations of the Strategic Planning Process 

  • 100% board member and staff participation the strategic planning sessions 
  • Build trust and openness. 
  • Create space for everyone to be heard through different approaches: breakouts, one on one discussions, full group, multimedia, etc. 
  • Build consensus among board on vision 
  • Each board member shares view of how he/she views our work and what else is needed (take specific points and issues into breakout sessions; facilitator identifies main points) 
  • Take time to review our mission and evaluate how it looks now versus when the organization was formed. 
  • Take time to reflect on what the mission means to everyone Take steps to revise mission if needed. 
  • Ample space for discussion 
  • Clear communication between members and facilitator about desired outcome 
  • End with clear next steps and roles and responsibilities identified. 


Proposals shall present: 

  • A cover letter of no longer than 2 pages with a statement of why you are interested in facilitating this strategic planning session and a description of your skills and experience. 
  • Proposal for facilitation of a virtual strategic planning session with a detailed cost proposal 
  • Facilitator’s resume with experience 
  • 3 references with names and contact information, at least 1 reference from a virtual training event 

Payment Schedule 

80% at contract signature 20% at delivery of final, agreed Strategic Plan with results of evaluation 

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