We Spread the Love in 2019

Thank You for your support of these projects in 2019. You helped us send the most grant money out the door since we began making grants in 2014. We approved 14 projects and granted out $319,000 in 2019. We hope to award even more this year, and your support will help make that happen!

Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center – Avalanche Forecaster

Award Amount $20,800      Total Project Cost $42,808

Funded professional avalanche observations for the 2019 season. While this project is not directly improving trails or parks we believe that safety for users of the backcountry is too essential not to fund.

Student Conservation Association – Mat-Su Borough Trail Maintenance

Award Amount $33,761      Total Project Cost $67,501

The backlog of maintenance on MSB trails is daunting. This project funded a crew to work on heavily-loved trails like the Lazy Moose trail and the Matanuska Peak Trail and it also helped fund new trail construction at Settler’s Bay Coastal Park.

Alaska Trails – Alaska Trails Stewards

Award Amount $7,585        Total Project Cost $24,097

Volunteers are the heartbeat of trails and recreation stewardship. This funding helped create six workdays on AK State Parks and Mat-Su Borough lands. 50 volunteers donated over 280 hours of their precious time to trails in the Valley.

Alaska State Parks – Reed Lakes Improvements

Award Amount $7,074        Total Project Cost $9,999 

This project helped fund tent platforms and latrines at the extremely popular Reed Lakes Trail. This will help reduce human impacts to an area used by hikers, backpackers, climbers and other backcountry enthusiasts.

Mat-Su Borough – Folsom to Bogard Pathway

Award Amount $17,113      Total Project Cost $25,669

This small connecting pathway will help Equestrian Acres residents access the separated pathway along Bogard. This project had impactful buy-in from the community who saw an infrastructure need and worked to address it.

Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers – GPRA ADA Trail

Award Amount $34,049      Total Project Cost $51,073

We believe this project is a hopeful step towards making the Valley a more inclusive place. This funded the second phase completing a half-mile trail out to a picnic table…AND it is built to ADA specifications.

Willow Area Community Organization (2 grants) – Shem Pete Trail Phases 1 & 2

Award Amount $43,159        Total Project Cost $11,058

WACO is building a much-needed complex of park improvements and trails for all kinds of users. This funding helped construct over a mile of easy access trail perfect for families as well as interpretive signs cataloguing the history of the area.

Families for the Improvement of Safety and Health  – Williwaw Park

Award Amount $40,000      Total Project Cost $90,809

This park project was completed in a year by dedicated community advocates. It will serve a community outside of Wasilla which badly needed a public space for kids to get fresh air and hang from the monkey bars.

Alaska State Parks – Rhein Lakes Phase 2

Award Amount $39,476       Total Project Cost $69,703

Maintenance backlogs are stacking up throughout state and federal agencies. This grant helped fund a crew to brush out overgrown parts of the trail, fell and buck beetle-killed trees, and work on the trail tread and boardwalks in the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area.

Mat-Su Burough – Wasilla Creek Headwaters

Award Amount $10,000       Total Project Cost $10,000

The Moose Range is used by many user types and spans multiple agency jurisdictions. This funding is helping facilitate stakeholder meetings that will result in a way for the public to participate in the future of the area.

Meadow Lakes Community Council – Walking Trail

Award Amount $5,600         Total Project Cost $5,600

This grant helped fund a half-mile walking path around the Meadow Lakes Senior Center. Both seniors and families will have access to the path that connects to senior housing as well as a playground.

Friends of the Chuagach Avalanche Information Center  – HPAC Website

Award Amount $6,350         Total Project Cost $15,350

An organization focused on educating and informing the public about avalanches is only as good as the communications platform it uses. This grant helped stand up the new hpavalanche.org  site so that backcountry users visiting Hatcher Pass have access to real-time conditions in a clear and concise format.

Petersville Non-Profit Community Corporation – Operation Snowcat

Award Amount $35,000       Total Project Cost $72,000

Did you know that the Petersville-Trappers Creek trail system has over 150 miles of trails? They needed a grooming solution and we were happy to help them purchase a snow cat groomer with drag attachment for the benefit of mushers, snowmachiners, and the local community.

Mat-Su Trails and Parks Foundation – Curry Connector Trail

Federal Award Amount: $941,514 MSTPF  Match Amount $313,838  Total Project Cost $1.2 million

The cherry on top of 2019 was securing the federal and non-federal funding to build out approximately 14 miles of new trail to connect the K’esugi Ken Campground to the K’esugi Ridge Trail in Denali State Park. This is slated to be a three year construction project.







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