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Reed Lake TrailContributor: Stuart Leidner ~ Executive Director and Donor
Dear Friends ~ As this Friday afternoon finally clears up I got a bit more inspired to write this post. Perhaps it was the webcam view I saw of the snow up on Hatcher Pass. Either way the rain has stopped…for now.

Throughout the year I have shared trail stories, news about grantees, and some of the success stories from our grants. As we head into this last quarter of the year I wanted to reach out and ask you to donate today to the Mat Su Trails and Parks Foundation. You may ask WHY?

Well, here are a few thoughts I would like to share. First, this has to be one of the coolest gigs around ~ I get to work with really dedicated trail advocates that are making a difference not just today but for future generations. Volunteer groups put in countless hours building new trails and park amenities. Many of our grants get Alaska’s youth out on the ground doing trail projects, inspiring them to be the stewards of tomorrow. This is one of the key factors that inspire me to contribute to this work as these boots on the ground are what can make the difference as the next generation steps forward to support trails. We have shared reports from projects where the crews have busted their humps getting projects completed all summer and I look forward to seeing the work that gets completed next summer through similar grants. The result, we are enriching the lives of the residents that live here and the visitors to our vast recreation resources. I am investing today to ensure that we have these resources for tomorrow.

Second, a vision of an integrated network of trails and parks throughout our region is a fantastic mission to work on. We want to see all types of recreation users get engaged and get out and responsibly enjoy our vast trail networks. And with your help we can do more. Whether you live in Alaska or not these trails are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. For those friends that visit from outside…we can’t wait to take you out on the trails. Donate Today and join other Donors committed to supporting our trails and parks.

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While applying for their PFD online, Alaskans can choose to Pick.Click.Give. in increments of $25. All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive tax documentation from the State once their donations have been processed. Permanent Fund Dividend applications are available from January 1 to March 31, though Alaskans may choose to add or adjust their pledges online through August 31.

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